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In REVENGE you will have a single objective: to defuse a bomb before it explodes, otherwise it will take you away. A Hall Escape for large groups in which you will not have to escape from any room, but from an uncomfortable situation: a terrorist act.

Hall Escape
a new concept of escape room for large groups

The Hall Escape concept arises as a necessity in response to the demand for escape rooms for larger groups who wish to experience the tension and challenge of an escape room, but with more people, at the same time and in the same room. The objective of our Hall Escape is not to escape from a room, but it has all the elements that are needed to live The X Door experience 100%: solving puzzles, teamwork, communication, tension, limited time…

A new game concept that you will want to try, and repeat. It is portable, so it can be played in any place where you want to test yourselves (villas, hotels…). The perfect game to celebrate big events: bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries… everything but baby showers. If you are interested in this option, just fill out this form and we will contact you:

Will your team be able to pass the tests in time?

Revenge is not a typical escape room. It is a Hall Escape, a game mode that we have incorporated for large groups that want to live The X Door experience with more people than those allowed in a regular escape room. You will not have to escape from any room, but you will have to challenge your wits and your teamwork skills, because your goal in Revenge will be to defuse a terrorist bomb before it explodes and blows you up.

Our Hall Escape pits different teams of 3 to 5 people against each other, who will have to successfully overcome the many puzzles that must be solved to stop the bomb. There will be several high-ranking officers ready to help you whenever you need it, as well as to make sure that you comply with the rules of the game. Don’t worry, they will do it peacefully, we have taken the Flash-Balls away from them.

As a general rule we do not allow children under 16 years old to be involved in the defusing of a bomb, but if there is anyone in your group you can consult us and we will advise you on whether they can participate in a mission as risky as this one.

Our Hall Escape can be carried out either in our own facilities or wherever you are interested in, as it is a portable game. What are you waiting for?

Frequently asked questions

The main difference is the number of players. While an escape room is designed for 2 to 6 people, the hall escape is a game designed for large groups, so you can play all together in the same room. In addition, the hall escape is more static, as each team will play at a table, where you will have all the material to solve, although at some points you will have to move around the room. Of course, in both types of games the key is teamwork, communication, lateral thinking, observation skills…
Vengeance is a game that we can take anywhere: villas, hotels, meeting rooms… All we need is enough space for all the participants and we will take care of everything. If you are interested in this option, just fill out the form below and we will contact you: GO TO FORM.

Of course, but always accompanied by an adult. The puzzles are designed for adults but children can participate without any problem. Of course, the theme is military, you will have to stop a bomb in the room.

It depends on the place where you want to do it… We have material for 40 people (8 teams of 5 people).

Yes, we will divide you into teams of 3 to 5 people each and you will all play in the same room, but at your own table, competing against each other.


9 to 40 people


75 minutes


Low budget.


Portable game

If you are interested in this option, just fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Take the game anywhere

Do you want to hold the game in a house or a hotel? Our game is portable!
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