Valencia​ Team Building

We offer special escape rooms to make a memorable team building in Valencia. Teams will not have to escape from any room but they will have to collaborate with each other and think differently to achieve the final goal.


Team building for companies is booming, and getting the whole team of your company in harmony is not easy, but it can be fun. At The X Door we are specialists in escape rooms for team building.

Escape games are an incredible activity to strengthen work teams, improve the union between employees and promote communication, all in a playful environment and living a memorable experience in first person.

Your entire team will live an immersive experience during which they will have to test different skills: leadership, communication, working under pressure, and, above all, teamwork.

Many companies already use this type of games in their personnel selection processes, or resort to them as a team building activity.

You can carry out the activity in our facilities or anywhere else because we have portable games that we can take wherever you want: companies, hotels, conference centers…

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9 to 80 people


75 min approximately
(We can adapt it to your needs)

Brands that have been in The X-Door


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