Our famous game The Dark Years (located in Valencia) but in streaming version, so you can play it from home, by videoconference (zoom). A super immersive experience. At times you will believe you are inside the boarding school.

Paula Ortiz, the famous parapsychologist and medium has disappeared. You must find out what has happened to her by investigating at the San Patricio Boarding School, which was the last place she was in.

secrets of
St. Patrick's boarding school

The X Door brings you a new type of escape room that allows you to immerse yourself in one of our stories without having to leave your home. The Dark Years involves you in the disappearance of two children at St. Patrick’s Boarding School at the beginning of the last century, and your goal is to discover, at last, what happened to them. A horror escape room, nominated for Best Horror Room at the Escape Room Awards and the Horror Awards.

The streaming mode consists in participating from your home by videoconference (Zoom). This type of game is perfect for groups of friends from other cities who want to try one of our most immersive rooms without having to travel, or even to play with friends from different parts of the world. It lasts 75 minutes and up to 5 devices can be connected, with a maximum of 2 people per device.

This is one of our most immersive experiences, and to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest we have the normal mode and the scary mode, in which there are some additional scares. Now, how scary is it? Well… that’s up to you, but at The X Door we think it’s a thrilling level without being scary. On point.

Frequently asked questions

The only difference is that you will play from home. The game is exactly the same as if you came to play on the premises. Through videoconference you will have to guide Guillermo, who will be physically inside the San Patricio boarding school, to advance in the game. He will be your eyes and you will have to solve all the enigmas and mysteries.
If you are too many people per device it will be difficult to communicate with Guillermo. That’s why we recommend only 2 people per device.

Yes, but logically when playing from home it is much more “bearable”, although you will be surprised how immersive it is. You will have the feeling of being inside the boarding school.


On each device there can be 1-2 players, so the maximum number of players is 10


75 minutes


€60 (team total)

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