ESCAPE ROOM the hairdressing

The hairdressing is our latest escape room, nominated to 7 awards at the “Escape Room Awards”. Our biggest, most spectacular, and most different game to anything you’ve ever done before; and of course, with the atmosphere, originality and special effects that characterize us.

What do a hairdresser, David Hasselhoff and an earthquake have in common? Come and find out. You will be immersed in the extraordinary story of Remigio, the celebrity hairdresser. An experience full of surprises, strain and humor.

This game requires a bit of agility. If you want more information, see the frequently asked questions or contact us.

The big David Hasselhoff needs our help

David Hasselhoff needs our help. He is being blackmailed and we must find out who is behind it. It all leads to Remigio’s hairdresser’s, the celebrity hairdresser, a really affable and innocent man… or is he?

If you want to do an escape room really different from all the above, come to La Peluquería. Another blockbuster to which we have dedicated a huge investment of time and money to create a spectacular experience of 90 thrilling minutes.

In La Peluquería you will have to prove that you are a team, sharpen your wits and even pass some skill and AGILITY tests. If you need to know what these tests consist of, take a look at our FAQ and/or contact us.

This escape room has been designed for groups of 2 to 6 people maximum, and children can play, but as in the rest of our games, always accompanied by at least 1 adult.

Frequently asked questions

When we say that an escape room may require agility, we are referring to things like crawling, crawling, climbing on something, climbing a ladder, going down a slide… This does not mean that all this is done in La Peluquería, they are just examples.

However, if at any time a member of the team cannot or does not want to do something, there is always a plan B and we can give you an alternative…

If you want more information, contact us and we will explain it to you.

No, but it is a game of tension, which means that there will be no scares, but a constant threat that will not let you relax at any time :-).

Like all our games, we regulate the difficulty during the game, so all types of players can play, with or without experience.

Of course, but always accompanied by an adult. The riddles are designed for adults but children can participate without any problem.

Since this game has some moments that require agility/skill, we do not recommend it. If you want more information, contact us and we will explain it to you.


2 Players
€45 per person
3 players
€33 per person
4 players
€28 per person
5 players
€24 per person
6 players
€22 per person

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