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The X-Door is a family business dedicated to the creation, development and assembly of escape rooms. It was born in February 2014 on the initiative of the 2 brothers Guerrero and Mireia Ropero, with a small place in Valencia with 2 humble and low-tech escape rooms. It was the first escape room in Valencia and one of the first nationally.

In a short time the sector grew vertiginously and The X-Door expanded to other cities in franchise format, growing at all levels. The games require more ambience, decoration, effects and electronics, and little by little we formed a multidisciplinary team of colleagues and collaborators, which allows us to say that we are now CAPABLE OF ANYTHING in the escape room sector.

Our games are 100% original, created by Guillermo Guerrero and Daniel Guerrero. In addition, they have a level of ambience and decoration typical of cinema and TV, and top effects and electronics.

Our current headquarters are located in Valencia, in a 400m2 design local, where we have our headquarters and we also offer several escape rooms of the highest level.

We offer any entrepreneur the opportunity to franchise with us, but we also offer general services to independent entrepreneurs or other rooms.

If you are interested in setting up your own escape room you can get more info here: FRANCHISE SECTION

our team
Meet the x door valencia

A game master experienced in a thousand sessions, and a real all-rounder. As soon as he’s painting, he’s devising some mechanism or controlling a game. And yes, he looks like Rick from The Pawnshop and Vin Diesel.


Scriptwriter and creator of the games, and also responsible for communication. Obsessive about details so that everything is perfect, but also clueless like no one else.


Her sympathy and good vibes come out of her ears. Professional and meticulous, nothing escapes her. If you have a query, she will solve it for you, but be careful, she likes to talk a little bit…


Our orchestra man. He manages the electronic and production side of things, and is as multipurpose as a Swiss army knife. He coined it “Be Water my friend”.

Our premises
interior design project carried out by Estudio Samaruc
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