The dark years is much more than a simple escape room: it is a 100% immersive experience, with a cinematic setting that will make you forget that beyond its four walls you are still in the XXI century. Teleport yourself to another era and enjoy one of the best TERROR ESCAPE ROOMS of recent years.

Nominated in 2021 in the TERPECA, the international awards for the best escape rooms.

secrets of
St. Patrick's boarding school

Year 1924. Two twin brothers traceless disappear in the San Patricio boarding school, an event that shocked the population and shook the foundations of the institution. They were never heard from again, but the time has come to find out the truth. Will you be able to unravel the fate of these children?

You can enjoy this escape room in both normal and fear mode. We recommend the latter, because it’s when you really check for yourselves why “The Dark Years” has been nominated for “Best Horror Room” twice, by the Escape Room Awards and by the Horror Awards. Still, the game, the story, the setting, the steps you have to follow, the decisions you have to make and the puzzles you have to solve will be the same in both game modes. The only difference is that in fear mode… you will be scared.

The level of fear is manageable, but it will also depend on how fearful you are. But don’t worry: the experience is unforgettable for the better. What’s more, you will want to repeat. The game mode will be indicated the day you come to play, it is not necessary to choose it when booking.

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, we can’t answer that for you. Fear is a very personal thing so it will depend on your tolerance to scares and shocks. We believe that the level of fear is manageable, it is not an extreme horror room.

In “fear” mode, let’s say there are “presences” inside St. Patrick’s boarding school.

Of course, even if you have no experience. The difficulty of our games is adjustable.

The minimum recommended age for the game is 16 years old, but you can come with your younger children if you think they are capable. Only you know your children and how they react to fear. We have had some brave 8-9 year olds who have really enjoyed the experience, but others of the same age have not been prepared. In any case, you can always choose the NORMAL version (without fear) where there will be no scares of any kind and they will simply have to dare to enter a sinister and dark place.


2 to 6 people


75 minutes


2 Players
€30 per person
3 players
€23 per person
4 players
€20 per person
5 players
€19 per person
6 players
€17 per person


"It's one of the escape rooms we have liked the most in the province of Valencia today (and the No. 1 of horror). So, whether you are from Valencia or if you are on the road in the area, don't forget to include The Dark Years in the list."
"It's one of those rooms that captivate you and give you moments that are engraved in the retina. Highly recommended if you are in Valencia; even if you are easily scared, I think you can tolerate it in tension mode."
"In short, one of those rooms that leave you with a great memory. With a very careful setting, some games that surprise and with a good level of difficulty, something that isn't common in a horror room."
"The acting, the pacing of the room, the scares... everything is excellent. It manages to achieve a perfect balance between tension and time to think. Without a doubt, it is a totally recommendable escame room."

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